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Equipment failures and idiotism part one

A broken rod, leaking float tube bladder, few leader cut offs, leaking immersion suit, reel brake failure, lost slr-camera and bunch chewed flies. List contains my equipment loss from the year 2012.

Many of the gear failures could have been prevented or fixed immediately on the trip and some of my gear had a warranty repair. This post is about what could I have done better and how worked the warranties-repair services.

TFO Axiom 9 ft 8-weight 

What happened

2nd section from the top broke during casting. Hook hit the blank little bit earlier when I was casting. Nasty wind from the casting hand side changed the line direction and caused the hit. Could been easily avoided by switch over normal casts into to backhand casts.


I bought this rod as a second hand item so I was not keeping my expectations  high because the rod did not have a warranty. 1st I send email straight to manufacturer and asked about spare parts. 10 minutes later they send me a contact information to a finnish Tfo importer Campstation. Quick reply from the Campstation and the aswer was: I could buy a spare part in cost of a 25€. Excellent!

Ursuit a.w.s immersion suit

What happened

Wet socks after a fishing day in a pontoon boat. Water temperature in November was near freezing point so even a slightly damp socks causes foot cramps. 


Warranty service from Ursuit was exemplary. I left my suit to the store from where I bought it. Store posted it to manufacturer. Ursuit tested the suit two times with compressed air and fixed it. About two weeks later from the reclamation doorbell rang and the post delivered the suit to my front door. As a cover letter I received a leak report about the suit. I had no costs at all. After warranty time the costs would be: testing 28€ and socks change 145€. 

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