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Outlines of a pike fly

Outlines of a pike fly

I use two kinds of flies when fishing pike. Slinky bait fish and tinsel bait fish imitations. Reason for it is that I want eliminate alterations when fishing. This helps to concentrate what I consider main things in fishing. Fly colors, depth and swim motion of the fly. 
I have four major reason why these two fly models has a place in my fly box. One is that they are light and easy to cast. Second is that they fish well and third is they are quite durable and fourth is, they are easy to tie. 

I want Slinky fly to have a side to side action. I have noticed that when I start tying from the rear end of the hook I´ll get the swim more easily. When the fly has a big profile rear end it makes a drag in water and makes the fly turn more easily. 
I always use 6/0 fulling mill or Sakuma hooks. These have a long shank and quite thin wire. Thin wire helps to get hook ups and long shank for getting hook point near center of the fly. 
I also make these kind of tube flies and they have a tendency to hover in the water in perfect balance witch is great when fishing in cold water. 

So does a fly that has a side to side action catch more fish than a fly that comes straight as a bullet? Maybe not, but this "swim" makes me to have a confidence in the fly and makes me fish better. 

Old and shitty video about the swim:

The second fly is made from tinsel. I use this one in bright conditions and when water temperature is quite warm.

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